3 Surprisingly Simple Steps to Get Back Your Love

These 3 steps are simple, but effective, and will help you maximize your chances of rebuilding your relationship with your ex.

1. Don’t try to smother them

When you are hurting and feeling insecure, you want to hold onto them as much as you can. Do not do this, as it will have the opposite effect. This one thing will drive an ex away for good. As hard as it may be, keep your distance and give your ex time and space to sort themselves out and time to miss and appreciate you.

2. Don’t focus on them

Focus on yourself, not in a selfish way but think about what attracted him to you in the first place and bring that person back. Think about what in you may have contributed to the relationship failing and change that. Whatever it was will come up repeatedly in any relationship you have and things will not change until you address it. This is an important step to make, not only will it help your relationship mend but if you do not choose to get back together, it will help you have other strong healthy relationships in the future.

3. Don’t talk straight away

You will need to start talking at some point but wait a little while till things cool down and you have both had time to think about the issues and what you really want to say. When the time is right, calmly and clearly share with each other what you see as the good things and the things that need work in your relationship. Own your part in the breakup and apologize. Forgive each other for the mistakes you made and move on looking for solutions to your problems so that your relationship will grow stronger.

When you have had time to miss each other and realize that you still love each other, get together and honestly and gently share your feelings about what happened, and where you both would like to take your relationship.

It is not about who is right or wrong but about evaluating your relationship and learning to understand your lover and see things from their perspective.

Start with these 3 surprisingly simple steps, and you will be well on your way to get back your love. Using the right ways, you can reconcile with your soul mate to build a deeper connection and a lasting future.

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