Artist Mixes Cats Into Food To Create Deliciously Cute Meal Photos

Can you imagine what it would look like if cats began hiding in the foods?

An artist and illustrator from Russia, Ksenia has created a series of photos by manipulating the images of cats into our daily meals.

The project named Cats In Food in Instagram was started on January 2018 and quickly getting wide attention. It already reached 91K followers by the time this post is published.

Her works range from cats in ice cream cone to cats in soup. There is also camouflage of our feline friends in fruits and vegetables.

If you like Ksenia’s works, you can order your own cats in food image customized into t-shirt, mugs or other prints. Simply get in touch with Ksenia through Instagram direct message or Redbubble.

Let’s check out how cute they are and tell us which one you like best.

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Redbubble

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