Watch Out Of Sight, The Magical Adventure Of A Little Girl

Out of Sight (敲敲) is a five-minute short film featuring an imaginative adventure of a little girl.

The little girl, named Chico is robbed on the street when walking with her pet dog, Gogo. While trying to chase after her dog, Chico passes through a hedge which brings her to an unknown world, where she began entering a magical journey.

Out of Sight (敲敲) is a graduation project completed in 2010 by Yu Ya-ting, Yeh Ya-Hsuan and Chung Ling from the Department of Multimedia and Animation Art at National Taiwan University of Arts. The short film reminds me of Totoro, an animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli.

It is a beautiful short film with cute illustrations, wonderful story and a twist you may only find at the end of the film.

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